Hey there!

I’m Colin, a Boston-based director, producer, and DP with experience in commercial, documentary, and lifestyle content. Partnering with brands, organizations, and agencies I strive to create fun, engaging and impactful work that amplifies your story, brand or idea.

From conceptualizing, to directing, production and post, I can help elevate your company’s brand, advertising, or original content. I consistently enjoy finding those outsider stories, asking tricky questions, but more than anything, creating content that resonates on the most human level.

Despite being Boston-based, I also have the travel bug, and am always stoked to catch the next flight. This has brought me to projects on three continents so far — can’t wait to see what’s next.

When I’m not behind the camera, you’ll likely find me running, biking, catching the first ski lift, or scouring local dog shelters on Petfinder.

Have a project in mind, or just want to grab coffee? Please reach out!

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